Is it time to write that book? Need a consumer health education campaign around a new product? Looking for a better way to communicate with your patients?

Then you need a writer who can interview physicians and researchers, translate complex scientific information into understandable prose, and take projects from start to finish with the audience—the healthcare consumer—always in mind.

That’s more important than ever today, when clinicians need to find a way to better engage patients in their own health care, a key component in the shift to patient-centered care.

I started as a newspaper reporter covering health and medicine. Since then, I’ve written more than a dozen consumer health books (alone and with experts), hundreds of patient-education pieces (for print and the web), and more than a thousand articles for newspapers, magazines, custom publications, and websites.

I can turn the most complicated medical information into warm, compelling copy for consumers—all without losing the main messages.

View samples of my work here.