If you’re looking for professional, reliable and remarkable freelance medical writing services, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need a brochure on asthma, a slide kit on Medicare, a white paper on healthcare policy issues, or a review article on diabetes, I can help. I can also help if you need CME content or needs assessments, an annual report highlighting your company’s achievements, or a book proposal (and book) for a publisher.

As a freelance medical writer with more than 20 years experience in the healthcare and medical communication fields, I can fill all your medical writing and communication needs, whether for patients and consumers, physicians and other healthcare professionals, or investors and customers.

Need a consumer health book written? An article for a custom publication? Training materials on healthcare reform or other health policy issues? How about a white paper designed to drive sales prospects to your web site or a weekly blog to showcase your CEO as an expert in their field?

I’m your writer.

I’m also your writer when you need a meeting covered, an analysis of your competition, or a speaker on healthcare issues.

When you hire me, you get the promise of accurate, interesting, well-written and creative deliverables no matter what the medium or who the audience.

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