Medical Writing in 2010: Resolutions

I’m sure you’re all sick of reading predictions and resolutions. Well, too bad. You’re going to read one more.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the next year will bring. It’s my 11th year as an independent (read: freelance) medical writer, a major milestone in my book. I’ve gone from writing $50 newsletter articles to authoring entire books. From shying away from scientific writing like CME and journal articles to getting to the point where they make up the bulk of my business. So what do I plan in the next 365 days?

1. To continue to organize my marketing efforts with the help of my virtual assistant (thanks, Katy!). This includes the database she’s established, this blog, quarterly email newsletters, following up with potential clients on a regular basis and delving deeper into Linked In and the potential it holds for business development.

2. To develop a book proposal on my own for my own book, no coauthors. Idea is there; just need to write the proposal!

3. To market myself as a speaker at professional meetings on writing, freelancing and medical communcations.

4. To expand the part of my business related to meeting coverage. I LOVE covering … Continue Reading

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