Grand Rounds: TOPIC: Customer Service in Healthcare

I want to start this week’s Grand Rounds’ blog with my own blog post. I asked for postings on customer service and I have one to share. My 17-year-old son has been having some issues with depression and social anxiety. We got him in to see a therapist and his family practitioner prescribed a low dose of Prozac, both of which seemed to be helping until he hit a crisis when his girlfriend broke up with him. He literally fell apart and scared us to death.

His therapist called me back the night of the crisis within 5 minutes of my leaving a message with the answering service. He was only in town for a week before leaving for vacation, but he saw our son twice and called our son’s primary care doctor to suggest upping the antidepressant dose. The doctor called me one evening to say she totally concurred and, since our son’s therapist would be out of town the following week, wanted to see our son herself.

I was so touched. I have never had an MD (who wasn’t a psychiatrist) want to see me (or anyone in my family) for anything other than a strictly physical illness. … Continue Reading

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