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Do you understand the impact that value-based reimbursement will have on your business and the healthcare system? You will after viewing Value-Based Reimbursement: Hitting the Highlights, now available on demand.

This free webinar will introduce you to the key components of the shifting reimbursement landscape and highlight what it means for your business.

No legalese. No jargon-filled consultant-speak. Just plain and simple explanations of the greatest revolution in the US health care system since the passage of Medicare 50 years ago.

I promise that after this webinar you will understand:

  • Several types of risk models
  • Research-based outcomes of value-based reimbursement
  • Where the accountable care organization revolution is headed
  • Current and future challenges

Why me? Because my job is communication. Which means I excel at translating complex issues into understandable language and demonstrating their relevance to you and your business. Because I’ve been communicating about the healthcare system for more than 25 years. Because I have a deep understanding of the tsunami of change that is coming, one sparked by the earthquake of the Affordable Care Act and the quest for the Triple Aim.


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